"I would like to thank you for the great job you did in training our team with the new OPES management product. You did training in a very systemic and easily accessible way keeping everything positive despite the normal frustration with anything new. We are pleased with the OPES program and it will definitely help us to achieve the goals that we have set for the future. Even though the OPES system is a turn key operation it slowed down our operations for a good month as it is a completely new system. I was aware of the newness factor but did not expect the slowdown in the degree that we experienced. One of our team members said it well. It takes me 6 times longer to do things as everything is new. Overall we are pleased with the OPES system and would like to thank you Kim for an excellent training. I would recommend the OPES system even though the transition will take some time."

Dr. Aldor Laur, DDS, Oshawa Clarington Dental Health Centre

"Our office has been involved with Autopia/Timeshift Solutions since 1994. We have always been impressed with their software support services and their user friendly program. Their IT specialists are knowledgeable, friendly and quick to respond. We have been looking at converting to a more advanced, paperless software for years but have been apprehensive due to shear fear of the unknown. We’ve looked at other software programs from different resources but decided to stay with Timeshift Solutions because of the ease of conversion, cost of conversion and training and their top notch support services. If I knew then how great and user friendly the new OPES software program was, our office would have converted much sooner. Many thanks to Dawn and Kimmi for the ease in transitioning to the OPES program"

Silke Ernwein, CDA/Office Manager, Quantum Health Dental & Wellness Centre - Dr. Leon Treger