Data Conversions

We know how crucial your electronic patient data is the operation of your business. This should be one of the deciding factors when choosing your new Practice Management Software.

Our Data Conversions are fast, easy and secure. Data is transferred and delivered via secure, encrypted delivery protocols to ensure that your patient data is protected.

Why Do I Need my Data Converted?

Your Electronic Patient Data is vital to your practice. Overlooking the importance of keeping this data when upgrading your software can be very costly to your practice.

Some of the information you may loose if you don't convert your data:

  • Patient Appointments and Appointment Details
  • Treatment & Financial Histories
  • Patient Details
  • Medical Histories
  • Medication Considerations

It's true that many practices will have hard copies of this information. This means staff will need to manually input all the information in the new system which can be labor intensive and prone to human error. The cost of paying staff to do this can quickly exceed the cost of the actual conversion.

What Gets Converted?

In short, Everything*

We have consistently and successfully converted practices from all competitive practice management software. These include but are not limited too; Abeldent, Dentrix and Cleardent.

Along with converting from all our major competitors we also have a proven track record of converting the most patient data per conversion. Many of our competitors are not able to convert your data in it's entirety. This leaves you with only partial functionality from your new system. I.E. You may not be able to print financial records from before the date of conversion. With Timeshift, you can rest easy knowing we will convert more of your data to give you the whole picture when you start using your new practice management software!

*Data Conversions are always a "Best Effort". We cannot ensure that your data will be 100% converted but we do everything possible to ensure maximum conversion rates.

How Much Does a Conversion Cost?

The conversion cost is included in your quote for our OPES Practice Management Software. Your quote will be broken down by Software, Data Conversion & Training. Please consult your quote or ask your sales rep for a detailed breakdown of your costs.

How About Data Merges?

Are you aquiring a new practice or looking to merge two or more patient databases into a single database? Your not alone! We offer Data Merging services that can help get your practice(s) onto a single database to help increase productivity and efficiency in your practice.

For information about pricing and availability please contact us via Phone: 1-866-817-0052 or Email: