On-Site Training

Timeshift Solutions offers comprehensive on-site training programs to help your staff become more accustomed to our software and increase productivity and efficiency.

As part of your new software implementation you recieve three days of training. This will provide your staff with the knowledge they need to use OPES comfortably. We won't leave your practice until every staff member is 100% comfortable with OPES.

Implementation Training:

During the implementation for your new practice management software we design a training program that suits your practice. Before any installation, we ask team members to complete a questionnaire, which is used to determine the experience and skill-set of all. We then organize a series of visits as appropriate. Where data conversions are involved, we arrange pre-training sessions to prepare for the new change. Following, a trainer is on-site for your GO-LIVE date to ensure a smooth transition. Then, on-going follow-up visits are arranged as required. We are there with you every step along the way.

Software Training:

Our trainers are also available to train new or existing staff looking to learn how to better utilize our practice management software. We offer a flexible training schedule to meet your needs while working around your schedule. We book in half days, full days or multiple day training blocks. A trainer will come to your practice and work with all of your staff or just new team members until they are completely confident in their abilities.