Dental Teambuilding:

The Rowing Connection:

Could your staff be more excitable? Is morale too low in your practice? Or is your staff just due for a non-work related get-to-know-each-other-better day off? "Let’s Pull Together" is a workshop designed for the whole team aimed at energizing and bringing them together in an environment where they will learn while having a lot of fun doing it! A happy team is one that works together.

At a designated Rowing Club, you and your staff will join the members of other dental practices and will be divided into groups of 8. Each group will be assigned a boat with a private instructor and will spend the morning learning how to row…how to work together. Just before lunch, we’ll have a mini-regatta – a race to see who works the best together.

The great thing about rowing is that anyone can do it. The key to winning isn’t about fitness or age – it’s who "pulls together" the best!

After lunch, the afternoon session includes an interactive workshop where everyone participates and gains better insights and appreciation of their fellow team members. It’s guaranteed to be fun and invigorating.

Available Workshops:

Team Assessment: identify team’s strengths & areas to improve
Learn about your team’s individual personalities
Appreciating Differences, working together

During this workshop, applying the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, your team will gain insights into their individual Personality tendencies and learn how those interact with the rest of their teammates. Guaranteed to be fun and enlightening, your team will come away with better understanding of each others differences and appreciation in general of the team as a whole.

This workshop focuses on developing skills around Conflict Management & Handling

Learn the 5 modes to conflict resolution
Identify your team’s conflict modes
Learn productive ways to handle conflict with Patients
Learn productive ways to handle conflict with Team Members