What is a Software Maintenance Package?

Implementing a new Dental Practice Management Software into your dental practice is a major undertaking. If you're a new practice just starting out this can be even more challenging. One thing we always find can help ease the transition is having the best support backing you as possible. When you pay per hour, per call or per request this can get very expensive.

We offer all of our clients a Software Maintenance Package or "Annual Service Agreement" that provides unlimited support for your team to help not only transition them to a new practice management software but to be there for you on an on-going basis. With a nominal flat rate fee Over 80% of our clients swear by it and agree that it pays for itself year over year.

The Advantages of our Software Maintenance Package:

  • Updates and New Features at no additional cost!
  • Free Fee Guide Update Every Year
  • Unlimited Phone & Email Support!
  • Unlimited Workstations and Installations

Available Software Maintenance Packages:

Annual Service Agreement

The annual service agreement is a flat rate annual fee that provides unlimited support and additional services.

Pay-As-You-Go Support

Clients under this plan will be billed per support request based on our most current billing prices.