Consulting Curriculum:

Practice Analysis

During a one-hour review, learn the results of a summary statistical analysis of your hygiene, restorative and collection departments over a 3-month period


During an in-depth 5-hour meeting, we will share our statistical findings from our detailed analysis of your practice. Cooperatively, we will identify the areas of improvement or vulnerability. With this powerful statistical information, we can set goals and develop improved work methods for your staff.

Leadership training

  • Vision & staff Policy Manual - customized to your vision and team, this manual will ensure stability in policies and procedures, outlining the duties and expectations of all team members. Have a ‘Team Vision’ that you can rely on.
  • Staffing – hiring, performance evaluations
  • Salaries & raises
  • Incentive Planning

Quarterly Review

4 times per year, we perform a Quarterly Analysis of your Practice to include:

  • Identifying the average number of hours booked per week for Hygiene & DDS,
  • Determining the average hourly billings of both,
  • Reviewing the A/R status & Collections
  • Determining the payroll proportion to production,
  • Performing a Statistical Analysis of that 3-month period and how it compares to the same time the previous year
  • Reviewing how each compares to the targets we set out.

Each quarter, your coach will review the results above with you and make decisions as required. Following that review, your coach will meet with the team to review the statistics, agree on targets for the coming period and inspire them to exceed them, making sure they stay plugged in.

Quantum Leap

A training program tailored to your specific needs, involving focus sessions with Administrative staff as well as clinicians. Learn how to work more effectively and communicate better with your patients every day. Collaboratively, we also review monthly statistics and facilitate staff meetings keeping your progress on track