Off-Site Seminars

Today’s dental team realizes that on-going efforts are required to develop and master their skills of patient management. They’ve come to learn that patient care extends beyond the procedures performed in the chair, knowing there is more that should be done by the entire dental team to make a patients visit both enjoyable and informative.

Are you using your software to it’s fullest potential? Could things be easier? Experiencing too much open time in the schedule? Would you like to know how effective your numbers are?

How Do We Do It?

The training sessions are held at a computer training facility where participants are equipped with their own terminal to learn and practice their new skills. Ideally, in advance, we will acquire a backup of your files which only your staff will use for the session. Optionally, a sample database will be available for staff to use. At the seminar, each participant will be provided with an analysis of their practice to know what benchmarks they should be shooting for.

Each session has a limited number of attendants allowing for maximum and active participation during the workshops.

Never has a seminar been more focused or personal to you! These workshops will most definitely pay for themselves in the first month!

What a Seminar can do for you:

This course puts Recall Management in the spotlight. Based on utilizing the recall management functions of your software, this course reviews:

  • Best methods for managing unscheduled Hygiene patients
  • Learn who to call, when, where and what to say
  • Learn when to stop calling and what to do next
  • Maximizing pre-booking and keeping them there (avoiding dropout)
  • Tips on minimizing & managing missed or short-notice cancellations
  • Learn 6 powerful open-time strategies – how to fill those openings quickly
  • Effective confirmation strategies that work
  • Techniques for quicker and improved scheduling for a better flow
  • Tips on how to better educate your patients on their dental needs
  • The importance of bringing patients in on time and not overdue
  • Understanding and documenting insurance limitations

This course is essential to increasing the restorative side of your practice! Based on utilizing the Treatment Planning functions of your software, this course will review:

  • The 5 D’s to effective treatment planning
  • Defining a New Patient Intake strategy to identify opportunities
  • How to set up treatment plans by appointment order, including schedule time
  • How to attach appointments to the treatment plan
  • How to track completed vs. incomplete treatment plans.
  • How and when to follow up with patients and insurance companies.
  • How to create letters for patients incorporating visual (intra-oral images) to gain understanding & compliance.

This course goes even further than the software techniques. You will learn strategies for treatment presentations:

  • Learn new communication techniques, learning how to empower your patients in making decisions based on their treatment needs as well as their wants
  • Increasing the Cosmetic side of the practice
  • Incorporating images and digital x-rays.
  • Refining the role of the Treatment Coordinator.


Develop an effective Collection strategy and gain control over your money. Manage your Receivables easily and consistently by using Cycle billing, statements, phone calls and letters.

Patient Retention:

Know your patients by generating monthly reports and tracking their status. Included you will learn:

  • How to Track Practice growth by knowing New/Lost patient ratios
  • How to perform an effective chart audit without pulling a single Chart!!
  • Incorporating Welcome letters
  • How to deal with no-shows and how they cost the practice

Statistical Tracking:

Identify the problems before it's too late!

  • Forecast the number of hygiene hours you need weekly to accommodate your patients
  • Set production goals and know if you’re on track
  • Track Hourly production by clinician each month
  • Develop a referral strategy by tracking where your patients are coming from
  • Make marketing easier by contacting patients by mail or email with fun greetings (birthday, newsletters, introducing new services)
  • Learn how to use Excel to easily summarize each months statistics with a yearly comparative overview